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Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 7)


April 2016


It has been 6 months since our last Blog (it does sound like a confession, although nowadays confession is renamed — reconciliation) and I reconcile myself to this sporadic blog flow.

My (Ranjana’s) Journal Entry in October 2012


I suddenly slipped effortlessly into FLOW … The place of balance, of going with the flow, of trusting doing, trusting being, trusting the flow that embraced both

Being ————–FLOWING————–Doing

Doing ————–FLOWING————– Being

Imagine living a life of graceful elegance of slipping effortlessly into FLOW … The place of balance, of trusting doing, trusting being, trusting the flow that embraces both.

Do you make unrealistic demands of yourself and your time? I know I do. The good news is that i now have the good sense to appreciate the craziness of these ever growing to do lists with humour and better sense to tear them up every so often… just so that i can make a new one which may be a little more realistic (not!!). Despite the habit of overburdening myself, I now engage more and more with FLOW. This has helped me discover patience, openness and space. When I experience patience as my reality I am filled with an extraordinary lightness and possibility. Intuitive flow* aligns me with the Bliss of Doing, Flowing, and Being. Life makes me smile; even my tears make me smile.

It is a wonderful thing to share a smile, to do so without any expectation of reciprocation, without any need to please or be pleasant, without pretense, without hiding, without fear. This is effortless being, flowing, doing…. smiling…. What stops me or you experiencing the state of flow? There are many answers, and they all have merit. In this blog, I want to bring your attention to TIME.

As part of my research for this blog, I began surveying the many films that have captured the public’s imagination. I discovered a common gripping element, “the race against time”. Imagine Matrix, Star Wars, Titanic, Avatar, and Lord of the Rings etc. without this riveting tension… What if we were no longer in a race against time? What if time flows as we flow and what if we can influence that flow with our awareness?

Our mentality (mind set) is so locked up in the limitations of time that I wonder if we have lost sight of timelessness, eternity, immortality, beauty…FLOW. I am not saying that we should ignore the constraints of time or somehow transcend the measurement of time – but perhaps we could entertain a little balance? Perhaps create a little space…space to remember the Eternal Infinite Constant.  A little patience (willingness), openness (trust), emptiness (space) for FLOW: Focused –Loving — Omni (Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient) – Wisdom.

F = Focus, Find, Follow – L = Love (Enthusiasm, Understanding, Compassion) – with O = Openness (Clarity, Potential, Possibility) – and W = Wonder (Awe, Humility, Passion, Curiosity)…

And of course you can use the LiberatingTouch® processes to help you reveal the pathways of FLOW on your journey inwards and outwards expressing the Love, Truth and Presence that you are…

This blog is an invitation for you to discover your FLOW…here are some questions to ponder over:

Have you ever experienced a sense of flow in your life?

How do you know that you are in the flow?

Do you recognise when your life is not in flow?

What do you require to be in FLOW?

*To find out more about implementing intuitive flow, we invite you to book a LiberatingTouch® session with us.

Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 6)

Changing the way our thinking “revolves” around time

October 2015


On the 2nd of June 2013, I began a “time” project in our Liberating Consciousness* Facebook group to help me and anyone else that may be interested in changing the way we think about time. I enjoyed the journey and was recently reminded of it by (LiberatingTouch® Facilitator) Maria Darkadas.  It seems fitting to share this as part of an ongoing exploration. Time affects us on so many levels. In the West we have a linear relationship with time; beginning, middle, and end. Many ancient cultures speak of time as parallel or spiralling movements, in which the past, present and future, interconnect through different dimensions and layers of consciousness. In this article we focus on how we can meet the many pressures of time with spiritual intelligence and how this intelligence, along with a few LiberatingTouch® applications, enable us to understand our relationship with time and so empower us.

For me it became very clear that time is nature’s flow, giving us opportunities to stand, walk, dance lie down, sit, do the dishes, study, work, play, eat, dream… we must choose. We have to choose. If the choice arises from our intuition and we trust these messages from the SELF (God), then how we experience time is vastly different from one whose choices emerge from fear.

It is not my job to speed time up, or slow it down, but to simply surf its waves as I do my thing – as I breathe.

The big clarity came when I realised that my problem was not with time, but with making choices. I did not want to choose. I wanted to do it all. Once I started making very conscious choices, trusting my choices and intuition, something magical happened; I experienced God and Time as one.

Time is finite and infinite. Finite in material terms, but infinite from the perspective of the eternal SELF. It may seem like a paradox, but when we are able to embrace both, the finite and the infinite, we discover the freedom to breathe with awe.

Below are some of the excerpts from the Liberating Consciousness* Facebook group posts with some great LiberatingTouch® Applications (only if you have the time 😉

02. 06. 2013

Perhaps it is time to start a thought revolution about time ;-). Ideas and inspiration welcome. I was initially thinking about beginning a project here about beliefs that feed the not good enough syndrome. But then i realized (during our support group) that until we believe we have the time to heal, to rest, to love, to pray, to work, to wash the dishes, to support ourselves can we embark on this most precious journey of knowing who we are. So if you are interested we will begin today… Right here, right now, because time is our friend.

Rest your hands anywhere on your body and simply allow this thought to exist -“Time is my friend” and exhale and inhale and exhale and then allow the thought – “Opening to a timeless breath”. And that’s it for day 1 – Yes really, that’s it for today. Love and timelessness.


Thinking differently about time – “Revolutionary” thinking…
… Here is a great well under 10 minute exercise.
Hold your THUMB (either side) for a couple minutes or less while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could release all my anxiety about not having enough time?”

Hold INDEX finger (either side) for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if I was no longer afraid of wasting time?”

Hold MIDDLE finger (either side for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could be let go of all my frustration in relation to the time it takes to complete my chores?”

Hold RING finger (either side) for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could acknowledge all my grief in relation to lost time?”

Hold LITTLE finger (either side) for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could know that time is my friend and I can rest and be productive all at once?”


“When i liberate time from the constraints i impose upon it, time is on my side”


Thank you Marisha Horsman (Creator of Eating In Harmony) for the comment below regarding the link between ‘not enough time’ and ‘fatigue’:

“After having a LT session on the identification and more importantly the resistance to fatigue, finding there is plenty of time in my day to get done whatever needs to get done that day (not necessarily my mind’s idea, which wants to get everything done all at once!) Not stressed out over it anymore. Feel there is a major link between ‘not enough time’ and ‘fatigue’ after this experience. Looking forward to using this sequence too – bed seems the perfect place to do it too, love holding my fingers at the end of the day. Thank you Ranjana” Marisha

Definitely resonates with me. Since using the sequence, I have also had the oddest sensation of not feeling pressured about time despite the supposedly chaotic and unexpected events, emails or growing demands in my life. Am so aware of my to do list and the impact it used to have on me and the conscious choice I am now making about having (making) plans and then letting them unfold (unravel) according to a divine plan.

… Here is another little sequence to help all of us that struggle with that sense of urgency. Was reminded today about this aspect of time by the news of the death of a friend…

Hold your THUMB (either side) for a couple minutes or less while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could release all my anxiety about not getting it all or any of it done?”

Hold INDEX finger (either side) for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could release all my fears and inadequacies and open to trust?”

Hold MIDDLE finger (either side for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could be let go of all my frustration and embrace my limitations?”

Hold RING finger (either side) for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if I could free all my unfulfilled dreams and celebrate the time i spent dreaming?”

Hold LITTLE finger (either side) for a couple minutes or so while articulating the following question gently. “What if i run out of time and it is ok?”


Trust is the secret of good time management.
Why? Because then we know what to do, when to work, when to play, when to celebrate, we find time to create, to nourish, support, serve, to rest in Be-ing and best of all know when to flow between doing and being.


Here is the latest LiberatingTouch® sequence for harmonising the way we experience time:
Place your hands on either side of the pubic bone in the groin (frontal pelvic) area, inhale and exhale a few times, and repeat the phrase below. Place your hands the waistline, inhale and exhale a few times, and repeat the phrase below. Place your hands on the upper chest, inhale and exhale a few times, and repeat the phrase below.

Breathing in light fills this body, I trust this body.
Breathing out I smile; I trust the goodness in this mind.
Breathing in I dwell in this moment, I trust the power in this heart.
Breathing out, I open to the sweetness of trust flowing through this life.

For those of you that have a connection to God, the phrases below may be more powerful:

Breathing in light fills this body, God permeates this body
Breathing out I smile, I trust God saturating my thinking
Breathing in I dwell in this moment, God residing in this Heart
Breathing out, I open to the sweetness of trust…


I have been contemplating and investigating the stories that crop up about “time waste” and “not enough time”. I can see that when we believe time is money, it is easy to get caught up with wanting to cling onto whatever pennies we may have, but what if the ancient wisdom of the east is accurate and Time is God… Can God be wasted?

Another Variation which has served me well this weekend –
Place your hands on either side of the pubic bone in the groin (frontal pelvic) area, inhale and exhale a few times, and repeat the phrase above. Place your hands the waistline, inhale and exhale a few times, and repeat the phrase above. Place your hands on the upper chest, inhale and exhale a few times, and repeat the phrase above.

Breathing in, light fills this body, I am light
Breathing out, I smile, I envisage light bathing my thinking
Breathing in, I dwell in this moment, Time is my friend
Breathing out, I open to the sweetness of Love flowing through this life


The eyes when exposed to copious amounts of sunshine, squints and takes time to adjust so too the mind needs time to adjust to new frequencies of joy, to enlightening thinking patterns (for example knowing that time is your friend). Patience is the greatest strength we have.


When caught up in time issues it helps me to remember – we are not victims; we are powerful beyond measure. Even if we forget this, even if circumstance, memory, thoughts keep us replaying the roles of a victim we can always wake up from this trance of material identification; we can reconnect to the Truth. We can shine the light of awareness, dispelling the darkness of our fears and illuminating the infinite power of the Heart. We can shake off the lies of powerlessness like a lion shakes his mane and roar with the certainty that we are Divine.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
Albert Einstein


Over the last few weeks while opening to my many “scarcity time” projects with LiberatingTouch®, I became aware that the notion that everything is speeding up or slowing down is just a notion and like all notions they pass. I am finding it easier to meet those internal pressures that emerge from the fear of wasting time with peace. The best part is today I knew experientially that the timing of everything in my life is impeccable.

“Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it. It’s just easier if you do.” Byron Katie


When thinking about your use time, who does your thinking serve?

Truth and Love or Fear and Control

How do your words and inner thoughts about time make you feel?

Patient and Understanding or Guilty and Shameful

When immersed in activity or when you have deadline to meet, do you remember to exhale?

Would you like your thoughts, words or actions to be in alignment (harmony) with Love and Truth?

Me, I love it when that alignment happens.


Another great simple sequence for feeling relaxed about time is, just before getting out of bed, holding the first step of the Jin Shin Jyutsu Main Central Universal Harmonising Vertical Flow for 30 to 40 seconds while gently repeating within yourself, “I can relax into this flow of time”

*The facebook group Liberating Consciousness has been created for those of you that are interested in relaxing (healing) the body, emancipating (purifying) the mind, awakening (knowing) constant integrated awareness and aligning (merging) with Love and Truth. Its focus is to share ways to liberate consciousness and experience the dynamic alchemy of LiberatingTouch®.

For those of you who are new to LiberatingTouch® , this is a great place to meet facilitators, ask questions, discover pathways to healing and enter into enlightening discussions. We invite you to join us on this greatest of adventures of getting to know (realise) the Self.



Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 5)

Purpose and Power

July 2015

NymansAn integral aspect of cultivating spiritual intelligence is being able to recognise the habits and conditioned behaviour that rob you of your power.  When you become aware of the ways in which you experience powerlessness you can take inspired conscientious action and reclaim your power and confidence. With the return of your power you discover your purpose.
The First Stage in Reclaiming Personal Power is Awareness (the following is an excerpt from our book, “Detachment: The Secret to Infinite Peace”)
We can begin by asking ourselves where we have given away our power. We can start by making a list of all the issues (challenges) we have. This will help us pinpoint the areas where we have given away our power. This can be difficult for some, as they are not used to being aware. So many are in denial about how they consistently sabotage healing, relationships, success, and opportunities for growth, and peace. If this step is a struggle, it is a good idea to book a session with a LiberatingTouch® Detachment Facilitator.

Here are some common examples of how we lose power:
Attachments (to family/friends/comfort/objects/ familiarity/opinions/judgements)
Accumulation and clutter
Giving too much personal information to others when you don’t have to
Being excessively apologetic
Having excessive desires
Malice or hatred
Vows/decisions made to avoid suffering
Either reliving or blanking out memories
Shame and guilt
And and and…

Reclaiming power and recognising our purpose is what Eddie and I focus on during Regenerative LiberatingTouch® intensives and during the first four days of the Heart of Understanding Class. It is always a source of amazement for our clients and students when and how they experience subtle but empowering changes that come with awareness.
Without reclaiming your power it is hard to live life with or on purpose.
As your power returns your purpose steadily clarifies. The fact is you do not have one purpose; you have four purposes. Some are aware of one, perhaps two but there are actually 4 main purposes that drive you, that inspire you, which give you reason to live, grow, work, play and explore your potential.
I’ll give you a basic outline of these four purposes which we discuss during our LiberatingTouch 8 day Heart of Understanding Class or during Regenerative Intensives.

1. The Ultimate Purpose – Moksha (Liberation) – This is the same for everyone, it is the heart’s desire to be free, to know (realise) oneSELF (Truth) beyond all limitation.
2. The Spiritual Purpose – Artha (Meaning) – This is what gives each individual meaning in life; it inspires you and fills you with Love.
3. The Mental-Emotional Purpose – Kama (Desire) – This is your challenge it is related to your desires, to your passion and to your expression. When you are in harmony with this you find peace.
4. The Material Purpose – Dharma (Duty) – This is what you have come to manifest, create, and action. When you are in alignment with this you experience a deep satisfaction that comes with Self-Responsibility.
And here is the twist, you need to reclaim your power to realise your purpose and once you realise your purpose your life is filled with power.



Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 4)

April 2015

4 Genres

In today’s world there seem to be 4 notable genres of spirituality. They all have their place and it is useful to explore these to appreciate how they nourish our personal growth and developing spiritual intelligence. These four approaches are outlined below in brief. Of course, they are not so cut and dried and there are many interwoven links. We talk about these genres, their interconnections and their effect on a growing spiritual world in greater detail during our Heart of Understanding 8 Day LiberatingTouch Class.

“Popular Spirituality”

Popular spirituality is part of a growing life-affirming genre – It is life loving and joyous, there is almost a feeling that anything goes so long as one is focused on compassion, kindness, positivity, sustainability and being present. This can be a confusing blend of non-dualism and body celebration. For some this approach lacks depth, accountability and does not always allow for the complexity of life’s many experiences. There is an avoidance of discipline and commitment, but there is a huge exploratory element which allows one to venture and discover life outside the confines of certainty. This genre avoids using the word God in describing its affiliation and prefers to use words like, Presence, Grace, Source and similar terminology.

“Tradition and Faith”

The traditional genre or the route of religion is when one consciously demonstrates love for God or a Higher Power. It is often defined by a set of codified practices or by adopting ancient observations, theology, or philosophy. Some of these approaches have been passed down for generations. The merit in this genre is the emphasis on community, having a value-based life, a life of service. Each tradition has a set of laws that provide the seeker with an ethical life-honouring framework to build upon. The issue with this genre is that over centuries prejudice and misappropriation has tainted some of the original teachings.  Much has been lost in translation, yet the essence of these traditions continues to be beacons of light and wisdom for many.

“Investigative Spirituality”

This inquiry based spiritual path shows itself in the growing cognitive therapeutic approaches. This genre veers away from devotion. Its focus is understanding, knowledge, mindfulness and self-awareness. Here the seeker actively engages in deconstructing what they believe about themselves, the world they inhabit, so that they can discover the Truth about themselves. It uses catch phrases like oneness, existence, non-existence, and absolute. Its non-dualistic approach although deeply compassionate and meditative is fairly cerebral and does not always allow for the physical, emotional or the more “chaotic” expressions of the spiritual seeker for example, the tears of yearning.

“Integrative and Intuitive”

Integrative spirituality relies on the seekers intuitive wisdom, the ability to explore, study, experience and intuit how to build a direct relationship with God. It is the uncertain route, lacking the support of tradition, the feel good of the popular or the clarity of knowledge. This genre requires one to delve into all areas of spirituality, philosophy, life, to explore Truth from an internal, intuitive perspective and because it does not have the certainty of external recognition it can be an unsettling path.  Here Love is the path and Truth is the destination. This path demands the cultivation of patience (willingness to listen, devotion, tolerance and constant integrated awareness) and purity (inquiry, discernment, disciplined rigorous self-responsibility). Without these the seeker experiences confusion and conflict.

Although these 4 genres demonstrate differences in their expression and methodology, they all share the recognition and reverence of Divinity; they all have at their core a compassionate heart. This unites them in Love and eventually the seeker whatever the path returns to Truth.


Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 3)

March 2015

Utilising a LiberatingTouch Sequence with Forgiveness and Surrender

Forgiveness and surrenderSpiritual Intelligence helps us connect with ourselves and the world around us with greater clarity and understanding. It helps us distinguish between the rantings of a distressed anxious mind and the insistence of a concerned and clear thought process.

Eddie and I are often asked, “In the face of challenging situations how can I stay centred?” We have several techniques that we use; the most popular technique with our students is the infinity exercise which is briefly described on our website at and detailed in our book, “Detachment-The Secret to Infinite Peace” (which is now available on Amazon Kindle).

One of my favourite ways of working with insurmountable challenging situations, or intense pain is a Sequence that I have labelled as “Liberating Ho’oponopono”. It is a potent combination of forgiveness (based on the Hawaiian healing process of Ho’oponopono) and surrender. This combo invites us to ask our “challenge” to forgive us (whether it is the body, a person or situation) and for us to affirm our love and gratitude for its fundamental (sometimes hidden) goodness. We then surrender to Love and Truth, thereby aligning with its omniscient and ever expansive power.

Forgiveness and surrender are two profoundly effective ways to disarm the mind and reveal the infinite power of the Heart.

So here is the sequence:

Draw your attention to your challenge then repeat the following phrases while holding your fingers one at a time,

“I’m sorry, forgive me”

“I love you, eternal thank you”

“I surrender to Love.”

“I surrender to Truth.”

“Truth Awareness Bliss”

Or you can play the video and sing it while holding the fingers (the words are slightly different, the last line in Sanskrit roughly translates to the English as above).


Do keep us posted with your insights, Ranjana


Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 2)


Most of us have some degree of physical intelligence, we feel hungry we eat, we feel thirsty we drink, we feel tired we rest and so on… But when we fall ill we require more than physical intelligence to heal. We rely on mental intelligence to make an informed decision that we are unwell. Emotional Intelligence helps us make choices about the healing route we are going to pursue. For example our mental intelligence will inform us of the importance of rest, but our emotional intelligence will permit us to fulfil this need or not. A good example of this is when someone feels guilty about taking rest and will therefore ignore all good reason to rest. So where does Spiritual Intelligence fit in? We often develop a physical illness in order to carry out healing that has a spiritual component (remembering our true nature; the love that powers our existence is enough to create a shift in awareness to bring about deep healing). Often our dis-eases / discomforts / disharmonies are caused by our negative thinking and our fear driven emotions, which are not in alignment with Spiritual Intelligence.

In truth none of these intelligences function independently, however when each one of them is aligned with Spiritual Intelligence our lives become dynamic ripples of Loving Intelligence expressing deep Truth.

Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 1)

Recently we began exploring our work as a means of developing Spiritual Intelligence. But what is Spiritual Intelligence?owl2Over the years Eddie and I have encountered many projects, illnesses, challenges and disharmony, the most moment-defining in the healing process has been the understanding that arises when the correlation between their project (disharmony) and spiritual learning is acknowledged. Spiritual Intelligence is vital in healing, so why not in business, in education, in relationships? Cultivating (more accurately remembering) one’s Spiritual Intelligence is having the understanding that each one of us is not confined to space and time, we are fragments of infinite Love capable of great acts of inspiration and courage. Danah Zohar coined the term “spiritual intelligence” and introduced the idea in 1997 in her book, “ReWiring the Corporate Brain.”

Danah Zohar defined 12 principles underlying spiritual intelligence:

  • Self-awareness: Knowing what I believe in and value, and what deeply motivates me.
  • Spontaneity: Living in and being responsive to the moment.
  • Being vision and value led: Acting from principles and deep beliefs, and living accordingly.
  • Holism: Seeing larger patterns, relationships, and connections; having a sense of belonging.
  • Compassion: Having the quality of “feeling-with” and deep empathy.
  • Celebration of diversity: Valuing other people for their differences, not despite them.
  • Field independence: Standing against the crowd and having one’s own convictions.
  • Humility: Having the sense of being a player in a larger drama, of one’s true place in the world.
  • Tendency to ask fundamental “Why?” questions: Needing to understand things and get to the bottom of them.
  • Ability to reframe: Standing back from a situation or problem and seeing the bigger picture or wider context.
  • Positive use of adversity: Learning and growing from mistakes, setbacks, and suffering.
  • Sense of vocation: Feeling called upon to serve, to give something back.

Robert Emmons defines spiritual intelligence as “the adaptive use of spiritual information to facilitate everyday problem solving and goal attainment.” He originally proposed 5 components of spiritual intelligence:

  1. The capacity to transcend the physical and material.
  2. The ability to experience heightened states of consciousness.
  3. The ability to sanctify everyday experience.
  4. The ability to utilize spiritual resources to solve problems.
  5. The capacity to be virtuous.

Cindy Wigglesworth defines spiritual intelligence as “the ability to act with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the circumstances.”

There is a great article by Cindy Wigglesworth, “Spiritual Intelligence: Living as Your Higher Self” at:

This knowledge is not new, but has been ignored. When we disregard this spiritual (divine) intelligence we lose sight of what we are truly capable of. In LiberatingTouch®  healing solutions arise from drawing sustenance from this deep well of Infinite Compassionate Spiritual Intelligence.

In LiberatingTouch® the processes used reveal:

  1. All Wisdom– Spiritual Intelligence (emerging from Truth and Love) is within you.
  2. This Wisdom can be accessed using inquiry, your breath, hands, and nature.
  3. Once you discover this Wisdom – Spiritual Intelligence, you can use the knowing this brings, to create harmony and balance, in health, wealth, relationships, i.e. ALL areas of your life.
  4. The purpose of connecting to this Wisdom is to realise the SELF (Love and Truth), and become aware of its Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence.

Over the next few months we hope to share a few more insights on Spiritual Intelligence.

Are We Seeing the Birth of a Mindful World?

July 2014

lotusRecently, a friend mentioned that in April this year there was a debate on Mindfulness in the UK parliament and some MP’s publicly acknowledged that the practice of mindfulness had made a great difference to their lives. I did some research and discovered that there has been an ongoing discussion about introducing mindfulness into all areas of UK Health and Education.

In December last year, Chris Ruane (Opposition Whip (Commons); Vale of Clwyd, Labour) spoke about mindfulness:  “I wish to make a speech about mindfulness and unemployment. I have given up a lot to be here tonight according to my hon. Friend Thomas Docherty. I could have gone to the Irish ambassador’s Christmas party. That is how important my speech is. [Interruption] I think that my hon. Friend is going there now……. The World Health Organisation states that by 2030, mental health will be the biggest cause of burden out of all health conditions, including heart conditions and cancer. The term “burden” is not an emotive or pejorative term, but a scientific term that is measured in years of lost life due to early death or severe disability brought on by illness, in this case depression….”

To read the rest of the speech you can click on this link:

This is intriguing and I applaud the people that are interested in creating a more mindful world. Can you imagine a world where we actually respond with peace rather than react with fear? It is definitely a world worth imagining.

Scientists have been treating mindfulness as a serious topic for the past 40 years. The American scientist, Jon Kabat-Zinn, began to research its impact on chronic pain in the 1970s and, thanks in part to his work, it is now used in hospitals all over the world – including in the NHS. It has also been recommended as a treatment for depression, and it is thought to improve public speaking, reduce overeating and promote clarity of thought. Mindfulness is combination of meditative practices (depending on the teacher and the student) that allows one to be deeply aware of the world we live in and how we are interacting with it.

Although mindfulness meditation is seen as a practice that emerged from Buddhism; meditation and self-reflection techniques are common in all ancient cultures and have been used for thousands of years to develop Spiritual Intelligence.

My concern is that in the present use of mindfulness, the focus is on cultivating mental-emotional intelligence. There is a degree of self-centredness in the western world’s use of mindfulness in, it is subtly being separated from its roots, its purpose, which was and is to realise the SELF, to recognise the compassionate Presence that is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. To help us become dynamic, powerful, peaceful servants of humanity. Although the watered down version of mindfulness is useful, and is bringing peace to thousands of people, it feels fitting to remind ourselves all of mindfulness’s true purpose and power lest we forget it.

We agree that the key emotional health is mindfulness or as we like to describe it, compassionate awareness. It is the ability to step back from the drama of life and take stock. This awareness helps us respond with compassionate confidence instead of reacting with anxiety, fear or frustration. In LiberatingTouch® we practise this using Meditative Inquiry, Unconditional Listening and Healing Touch. There is a mindfulness revolution taking place around the globe. Companies like Google, and public sector entities like Transport for London and the UK Home Office are providing mindfulness seminars to their staff. A well-publicised study by Transport for London concluded that days off for stress, anxiety and depression had fallen by 71%, whilst happiness at work had risen by 53% following a course of mindfulness. This of course has an impact on efficiency and performance. Recently a series of research studies showed that the number one trait of successful people was….conscientiousness. So the predominant trait of successful people was being fully present and conscious about the people and things around you.

When we discuss mindfulness, we want to make it very clear that its purpose is not to disengage from life, people, relationships, or problems, but to engage with life with greater awareness, care and compassion. Its true purpose is to help us serve humanity with dedication and so benefit everyone. In all ancient traditions there is a common unifying philosophy, master the mind (develop mindfulness, compassionate awareness), act from the compassionate Heart and experience the bliss of Truth and Love. We are living in exciting times, witnessing the birth of a mindful world, let us remind ourselves that we can use meditation, inquiry, LiberatingTouch, mindfulness not just to improve the quality of our lives, but to explore the nature of who we are, to realise the SELF (Absolute Love and Truth).