Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 3)

March 2015

Utilising a LiberatingTouch Sequence with Forgiveness and Surrender

Forgiveness and surrenderSpiritual Intelligence helps us connect with ourselves and the world around us with greater clarity and understanding. It helps us distinguish between the rantings of a distressed anxious mind and the insistence of a concerned and clear thought process.

Eddie and I are often asked, “In the face of challenging situations how can I stay centred?” We have several techniques that we use; the most popular technique with our students is the infinity exercise which is briefly described on our website at http://emotionalhealthcentre.com/ltdetachprocess.html and detailed in our book, “Detachment-The Secret to Infinite Peace” (which is now available on Amazon Kindle).

One of my favourite ways of working with insurmountable challenging situations, or intense pain is a Sequence that I have labelled as “Liberating Ho’oponopono”. It is a potent combination of forgiveness (based on the Hawaiian healing process of Ho’oponopono) and surrender. This combo invites us to ask our “challenge” to forgive us (whether it is the body, a person or situation) and for us to affirm our love and gratitude for its fundamental (sometimes hidden) goodness. We then surrender to Love and Truth, thereby aligning with its omniscient and ever expansive power.

Forgiveness and surrender are two profoundly effective ways to disarm the mind and reveal the infinite power of the Heart.

So here is the sequence:

Draw your attention to your challenge then repeat the following phrases while holding your fingers one at a time,

“I’m sorry, forgive me”

“I love you, eternal thank you”

“I surrender to Love.”

“I surrender to Truth.”

“Truth Awareness Bliss”

Or you can play the video and sing it while holding the fingers (the words are slightly different, the last line in Sanskrit roughly translates to the English as above).


Do keep us posted with your insights, Ranjana


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