Exploring Spiritual Intelligence (Part 2)


Most of us have some degree of physical intelligence, we feel hungry we eat, we feel thirsty we drink, we feel tired we rest and so on… But when we fall ill we require more than physical intelligence to heal. We rely on mental intelligence to make an informed decision that we are unwell. Emotional Intelligence helps us make choices about the healing route we are going to pursue. For example our mental intelligence will inform us of the importance of rest, but our emotional intelligence will permit us to fulfil this need or not. A good example of this is when someone feels guilty about taking rest and will therefore ignore all good reason to rest. So where does Spiritual Intelligence fit in? We often develop a physical illness in order to carry out healing that has a spiritual component (remembering our true nature; the love that powers our existence is enough to create a shift in awareness to bring about deep healing). Often our dis-eases / discomforts / disharmonies are caused by our negative thinking and our fear driven emotions, which are not in alignment with Spiritual Intelligence.

In truth none of these intelligences function independently, however when each one of them is aligned with Spiritual Intelligence our lives become dynamic ripples of Loving Intelligence expressing deep Truth.

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