Reclaim your Power with Forgiveness, Love and Truth – Part 6

In the last 5 weeks we have looked at; admitting to ourselves the areas in our lives where we experience a loss of power, becoming aware of these, the corresponding challenging emotions and meeting them with meditative inquiry. We have investigated the self-sabotage trinity, “I am not safe (secure, protected)”, “I do not deserve”, and “I am not worthy”, practised seeing ourselves beyond the judgements we carry and implemented a forgiveness exercise. This week we look at probably the most important approach in reclaiming power and that is detachment.
Week 6: Detachment

Detachment helps us recognise the issues in front of us and fills us with the clarity of awareness. Attachment on the other hand often resonates with denial, resistance, reaction and lack of awareness. Detachment is the ability to engage in life with power, peace, enthusiasm, confidence and compassion. Life without detachment disengages us from understanding. We write about this in our book “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace”, so will not go into detail here. Detachment is the most misunderstood principle (sacred law) of spirituality. Detachment emerges from unattached unconditional love that arises from knowing the Truth, knowing that we are infinite, eternal expressions of the Creator-Source. Self-confidence is reliant on the consistent practice of detachment. Life devoid of detachment disengages us from understanding, from peace.
Detachment can also be thought of as non-attachment. Non-attachment is when the mind and the senses are not affected by external circumstances, situations, desires and people. It allows us to maintain balance even in the most challenging of situations. The mind obscures the SELF, and therefore, the mind can be described as a veil. It is a veil of ignorance, which keeps you unaware of the magnificent presence of the SELF within you. The mind itself is tied down by the sense organs, attitudes, desires, and stories about the phenomenal world, and is bound by these. Thus, one of the first steps in knowing your true SELF is to understand the mind and teach it detachment. Detachment allows us to live in the present, free to make empowered choices, to focus on harmony and avoid getting entangled in unnecessary drama and stress.

This week the practical exercise that we are focussing on is the Infinity Exercise. This is a great application to create space and detach from whatever is adversely challenging you. You can use this for relationship issues, physical issues, addictions, irritations, traumatic memories, confusion, upset… anything that bothers you!! This exercise will give you temporary relief, for more lasting relief you may need to do the complete Detachment Process which is described in the book; “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace”.

The ‘Infinity Exercise’ is part of the LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process and is a visualisation technique, where you visualise or imagine that you are in one loop of a large ‘Infinity symbol’ and the object, symbol or person that you need to detach from is in the opposite loop of the ‘Infinity symbol’. You then visualise a ‘white serpent of light’ moving along the path of the ‘Infinity symbol’ (in any direction), looping around you and then looping around the ‘other’, as illustrated in the diagram.

The mind is extremely powerful and thoughts can manifest energetically (as you think so it becomes).When you think of the ‘white serpent of light’ moving along the path of the ‘Infinity Symbol’, in a clockwise direction in front of you in your visualisation, then a vortex spinning in a clockwise direction will be created. When it comes round the loop you are sitting or standing in, it will create another vortex moving in an anticlockwise direction around you. Thus, two energetic vortices will be created, spinning in opposite directions. Physics tells us that objects spinning in opposite directions cannot come together but will pull apart. A vortex will also pull everything to its centre, just like water in a sink which spirals as it drains out.

When we do this exercise, we are communicating to the subconscious, in symbolic language, to deprogram our attachment to the object, person, or symbol, in the loop opposite us. Therefore, the subconscious will free the energy locked in the conditioned process and allow us to reclaim our power. In effect, it is breaking the pattern of control (fear). This way both parties are liberated from the reactive forces of expectation (desire) and control (fear).

This exercise can be used whenever you feel that you are reacting to someone or something, even during a phone call, or when conversing with someone. All you have to do is put yourself in one loop of the Infinity symbol, and the person or object in the other loop and visualise the ‘white serpent of light’ going along the path of the ‘Infinity symbol’, till your reaction stops, or till you calm down.

This one visualisation can help you at any time to create space so that you can respond to any situation/person with clarity and strength. We all know how easy it is to get enmeshed in irate conversations, be triggered by a remark, or to feel pressured. If in that moment, you remember to visualise, think, or even trace the Infinity symbol with your fingers, and imagine that you are in one loop, and the distressing/annoying/confusing issue/person is in the other loop; you can instantly create the breathing space you require, to disengage from the story and take inspired action.
We also refer to the use of the Infinity Exercise as ‘infinitising’.

The Infinity Exercise and the Finger Holds are used in Step 2 of the Complete LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process. For those that are familiar with the Complete Detachment Process here is a Video Link for Step 2:

This week enjoy infinitising and reclaiming your power.

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