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Conversations on Desire –Part 2



“Recognize the Divine within yourself. Open the doors of your heart. Develop love more and more. Understand the truth. Experience God. There lies the bliss. Make every effort to understand the immanent Divinity. The Divinity within you is covered by ego and anger. Therefore, real knowledge dawns when attachment is destroyed (Moham hithva punar vidya). Where does this attachment come from? Excessive desires lead to attachment. You may attain temporary peace by undertaking repetition of the name (Japa), meditation (dhyana), and yoga. To attain permanent peace, you must develop love within. Love can turn earth into sky and sky into earth. This sacred love is within you. But, you direct it in the wrong direction and thereby it gets perverted. Develop the sacred Love within you to realise your innate Divinity.” Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Is desire born from a feeling of deficiency or lack?

At its most potent and positive, desire arises from the innate yearning of all beings to experience and express profound unconditional love in all things and situations. Through the many life experiences of the individual, these positive yearnings have been tarnished by untruths that propagate notions of deficiency and lack. Part of our journey in understanding desire is being able to discern the origins of our desires. Are the desires coming from this innate (divinely placed) requirement to unify in Love, which we experience as Inspired Desire, or are they coming from social, ancestral, cultural, inherited, behavioural conditioning, which we describe as environmental desire. The latter often feeds the energies of disappointment, fear, attachment and separation and inculcates lack as real. While the former, Inspired Desire is born of Love’s longing to love itSELF. So to answer this question one needs to be clear about the nature of desire itself.

Who is the author of our experiences?

Everything in our life occurs because we created it, desired it, chose it and just by owning them, we change the way the laws of action and reaction (karma) function in our life. As we become aware and self-responsible, we can ask for inspiration, understanding and healing. As we acknowledge the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions we become free to live a life that has honesty, authenticity and integrity as its bedrock.

 What stands between me and the fulfilment of my desire?

It’s relative to where you are on your journey and to your understanding of desire. Ignorance is the hurdle.

Initially, there is the desire to fulfil material wants, in the form of acquiring power, wealth, spouse, progeny and comfort, in the drive to attain happiness. These desires are influenced by the tendencies (vasanas) from actions (karma) in past lives (samskar).

What matters is paying attention to your desires, investigating their origins, surrendering them and asking the Higher Self how best to meet them. Desires help us journey, grow and learn… they take us on an adventure so that we can experience the many facets of creation and in the process discover our innate wisdom, deepen our understanding and eventually propel us to investigate our true nature.

As awareness blossoms in the fullness of time, the wisdom within will guide the seeker to know that what they desire, is not outside themselves, but the SELF within.


Thank you to those of you that emailed us these questions, it gives us a chance to ponder and consider how best to succinctly answer these ancient philosophical conundrums. Do feel free to send us more…. These questions and answers are discussed in-depth in our Heart of Understanding 8 day Class. We invite you to join us.