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Conversations on Desire – Part 1

Conversations on Desire – Part 1


What exactly is desire?

Desires can be defined as wants, needs, wishes and deep longing. The mind is a bundle of desires, an amalgamation of attachments and wants. If the mind is not trained to detach, it can become enmeshed in suffering, fear, anger, grief from unfulfilled desires and pain from attachments.

Desire is the reason we return to this dream existence (Creation) over and over, it is the longing or hankering for fulfillment. Eventually we experience the desire to know our Truth. To know; “Who am I? Where have I come from? Where am I going? What is my purpose?” These latter desires paradoxically help us transcend the mind.

There are many kinds of desire:

There are physiological desires, i.e. hunger, thirst, excretion and sleep. There are mental-emotional desires, i.e. approval, appreciation, recognition, fulfillment, happiness.There are societal and cultural desires, i.e. uplift, fitting in and following the norms.There are spiritual desires, i.e. wisdom, truth, to know our origins, to know God, know the SELF.

The nature / purpose of desire is to take us on a journey to know the Self.

The importance of acknowledging your desires

Desires are just desires. They are not good or bad. Initially, we need to become aware of them, then acknowledge and own them and finally either fulfill them or seek guidance from the Self and surrender them. When the time comes, they will either be fulfilled, you will transcend them or they will simply fade away. Seeking help from the Self makes this process effortless. If you make the choice to become aware of your desires, you can own and surrender them. You can ask for guidance and inspiration and the guidance will give you what you require, whether it helps you to fulfill your desires, let them go, or overcome them. Only by acknowledging your desires do you have the power to learn from them.

Many people are unconscious (unaware) of their desires and these hidden wants, become invisible drivers, that then control them, their decisions and lives. By becoming aware of our desires we enter into a place of power. More in our next blog…

Is desire born from a feeling of deficiency or lack?

Inspired desire, Environmental desire?

Who is the author of your experience?