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Liberating Partnerships – Drawing on Grace

ed&ran218 years ago Eddie and I were brought together by our beloved Guru. Little did we know that we would one day be living by the seaside, co-creating LiberatingTouch®, writing books, facilitating seminars, and connecting with so many extraordinary people.

Getting here was not easy and for the first 9 years we were not sure if we could sustain a relationship let alone be partners. What kept us going was the knowledge that we were put together by God. We had to learn the art of communication, sacrifice, patience, trust and understanding. Through our tussles and adventures together we developed greater insight into the personalities we had adopted, the desires and fears that lead us away from each other and the attachments that muddied our vision. The next 9 years were easier, still challenging at times, but we had more clarity, willingness and humility to let go and stay open. As I write this I wonder what the next 9 years have in store for us. It’s very exciting.

Eddie and I have noticed that when we work together, we form a conduit to access Grace. The Grace we experience manifests as wisdom, abundance, understanding and the means for Self Realisation (for example LiberatingTouch®). We draw and share that Grace with others. Everyone we connect with, can in turn use this for themselves and others. They too then create liberating partnerships and draw on Grace.

Nowadays, we work with people that are intent on creating Liberating Partnerships. When working with couples, Eddie and I focus on helping them find ways to listen, and dialogue. We show them how to use Jin Shin Jyutsu and LiberatingTouch®, which can act as a healing balm. Our first goal when working with a couple, is to find something that is relaxing for both partners and something that they both enjoy doing. We explain that the way we work, is for partners to discover what makes them happy and what saddens them and find ways to heal, in order that they can continue to grow. After the sessions, they either grow closer, or they grow in different directions. The focus is on self-knowledge, awareness, freedom, friendship and self-fulfilment.

One of the most difficult challenges in any relationship is that of accepting each others’ limitations. When we accept these limitations, somehow we open the door to limitless honesty, love and possibility. This is the paradox of all relationship.

Here are 4 vital requirements for creating a Liberating Partnership:

1.      Letting go of Expectation (Developing Understanding)

2.      Sharing Responsibility

3.      Communicating Honesty, Integrity and Trust

4.      Self Confidence

You are going to feel and think differently (and sometimes at odds) from your partner, this is a given; what draws the miraculous and mysterious magic into a relationship, is the inner yearning for UNITY, oneness with God – the Creator Source. At the heart of our partnership, is the undying Love that longs to know and merge in Truth. The song the river sings on its way to the ocean.EddieRanjana

My first post for the Appoo blog

Putting together this blog site, has been challenging. There is always a learning curve with all new things. This has been no different. However, it is fun to see this site published after all the effort.TREE

Our master Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, says that nature is our teacher. He also says, that nature is the manifestation of GOD. GOD is LOVE and TRUTH. We use the symbol of the TREE as the symbol for GOD or the Higher (Universal) SELF. The TREE has been used as a symbol in many cultures, for thousands of years. We use the TREE as the main symbol in LiberatingTouch®.